Commemoration of Tolerance Day during a lesson – lecture for pupils of Šiauliai “Romuvos“ Gymnasium

On November 16, a lesson was held remotely for the pupils of Šiauliai “Romuvos“Gymnasium to
commemorate the International Day of Tolerance, The lesson-lecture “Tolerance in the Society” was delivered remotely by Ingrida Vilkienė, coordinator of Educational Programs of the International Commission.Grade 12 pupils of Šiauliai “Romuvos“ Gymnasium learned about the studies conducted by the historians of the International Commission and the importance of the analyzed topics. The pupils watched a short film “Lala”, which is used by partners from the TOLI Institute (the USA) in teachers’ seminars. The lesson covered Nuremberg anti-Semitic laws and discussed forms of discrimination. Pupils from Šiauliai said that examples of intolerance could be seen in pupils’ relationships – in bullying. It was highlighted in the discussion with the students that it was very important not to be indifferent and to stand up to the manifestations of evil.