In 2021 thirty-one projects will be implemented in Lithuanian schools.

31 projects on the history of local Jews and their destiny during the Holocaust will be implemented in Lithuanian general education schools in 2021

In the autumn of 2020, a two-month international workshop, “Training on the Holocaust and Human Rights Violations,” was organized by the Olga Lengyel Institute from the United States of America (abbreviated as TOLI), together with the Secretariat of the International Commission and the Lithuanian Jewish Community. The workshop was attended by 40 teachers and educators from all over Lithuania. The event was held online – lecturers from Lithuania, the USA, and Poland gave lectures.

At the end of the workshop, teachers were able to apply to TOLI for some funds to support projects about their local Jewish community, its fate during the Holocaust, and the perpetuation of historical memory. Thirty-one projects have received support and will be implemented in 21 schools during 2021. Several schools even will implement 2 and 3 different projects: Balbieriškis Basic School and Alytus Sakalėlis Basic School will implement three projects each, 4 schools: Alytus Adolfas Ramanauskas – Vanagas, Radviliškis Lizdeika Gymnasium, Varėna Ąžuolas Gymnasium, and Užupis Gymnasium will implement two projects during this calendar year.

The Secretariat of the International Commission is happy that out of the 21 schools implementing the projects, as many as 15 schools are their partners with Tolerance Education Centers.

According to the funds’ provider, the TOLI organization, those who have participated in international TOLI seminars can receive support for implementing their projects. Such seminars already took place in Lithuania in 2019 and 2020, and 80 teachers and educators already participated in them.

Information on school project ideas is available here:

Lithuanian mini-grant project descriptions 2020-2021