Kaunas Jewish Religious Community Organized the Thanksgiving Event “Micvot. For Good Deeds”

On September 14, the thanksgiving event “Micvot. For Good Deeds” was organized to honor people as well as organisations for their contribution into Jewish culture and heritage preservation.

In the event sounded Jewish songs, which performed opera soloist Rafailas Karpis and was accompanied by pianists Darius Mažintas and Natanas Bairakas. The leader of Kaunas Jewish Religious Community Mauša Bairakas said that idea to thank them who are nearby came from the religious writings of Judaism. In the Talmud the word “micvot” means a good work to be praised and the person who has done that needs to be rewarded.

“The interest of the Lithuanian Jewish culture is rising. The institutions of country, municipalities and individuals put a lot effort to give a meaning to Jewish historical sites and preserve heritage, so this is just the beginning – we will not stop to thank everyone in the future.” – said Mauša Bairakas.

The Commemorative medals were awarded for merit to Jewish culture: Ronaldas Račinskas, the head of The International Commission for the Evaluation of the Crimes of the Nazi and Soviet Occupation Regimes in Lithuania, Diana Varnaitė, the advisor to the Government of the Republic of Lithuania and the heritage manager, Valerijus Makūnas, the major of Kaunas district, Jonas Jučas, the initiator of the festival “Vilnius Jazz”, Violeta Beigienė, the architect, the businessman Valensas Glinskis, the lawyer Ina Kurauskienė, the Jewish culture researches A. Gutermanaitė and I. Stepukonienė, the actor Egidijus Stancikas, Department of Cultural Heritage, Cultural Infrastructure Center and other persons as well as organizations.


Moments from the event:

Photos of Kaunas district municipality