Lecturers dr. Lara Lempertienė’s lecture on yeshivah and lifelong learning

48 Lithuanian teachers and educators participated in the lecture “Principles of the Education System in Jewish Communities in Lithuania before WWII”.

Lecturer dr. Lara Lempertienė invited teachers to get acquainted with the religious Jewish education system in Lithuania’s Jewish communities before WWII. The lecture focused on boys’ learning at yeshivas, the subjects studied, and the attitudes of community members towards yeshiva students. The lecture introduced some expressions that reflect the Jewish community members’ attitude towards education: education shapes morality, so an illiterate can have no morals, and so on. Then they were discussed.

Lecturer Lara Lempertienė told about the yeshivas that existed in present-day Lithuania and the territory of present-day Belarus: Telšiai, Slonim, Volozhin. The lecture, which tells the story of the past, is closely related to the prevailing view in the current world on education and lifelong learning.

J. Stacevičius photo/LRT.lt