Lithuanian teachers participate in an international online seminar

In October 40 Lithuanian teachers started participating in an international seminar.

In October-November, an international seminar for Lithuanian teachers is organized on-line. The topic of the seminar is “Teaching about the Holocaust and Human Rights”. This online event is attended by 40 Lithuanian teachers of various subjects from Lithuanian towns and townships. Lecturers from Lithuania, Poland and the United States give lectures at the seminar. The teachers do not just listen to the lectures on-line, they also receive video material, analyze it and summarize it in methodological classes. This seminar will also provide an online meeting with Assia Raberman, who survived the Holocaust.

The international seminar is organized by the TOLI Institute (the USA) together with the Secretariat of the International Commission. This is a second seminar for teachers in Lithuania, organized by these institutions. The first one was held in Vilnius in 2019 at the end of October. This year’s online seminar is co-funded by the Goodwill Foundation.