Unveiling of the monument in Klykoliai village and the Road of Memory in Akmenė

On 4 August, events were held to commemorate the murdered Jews of Akmenė and the surrounding areas.

On 4 August, the unveiling ceremony of the monument took place in the village of Klykoliai to commemorate the Jews who lived in this place, who, like other locals, were engaged in agriculture. On the outskirts of the village near a field of the arable land plot, a monument was unveiled to mark two former synagogues on this location before the beginning of the Holocaust. The event hosted Vitalijus Mitrofanovas, the Mayor of Akmenė district, Faina Kukliansky, the Chairman of the Lithuanian Jewish Community, members of the Jewish community of Šiauliai region, the author of the monument, residents of Klykoliai village, teachers from Ariogala, Veiviržėnai and Tryškiai gymnasiums, a representative of the International Commission Secretariat. The establishment of the monumental stone was initiated by the family of Diana and Marijus Lopaičiai, implementing the project “Shalom, Akmene!”

After the opening ceremony of the monument, the participants of the event went to Akmenė. There the Road of Memory was organized from the central square to the outskirts of the city. The procession marched only part of the road, which the Jews had to make walking to death in early August of 1941 because, in 1941, the Jews were forced to walk about 30 kilometers from Akmenė to Mažeikiai. The participants of the Road of Memory traveled by car from Akmenė to the old Jewish cemetery in Mažeikiai, where the Jews from Akmenė and the surrounding areas were shot 80 years ago, on 4 August 1941.

People put memorial stones at the Holocaust victims’ monument in Mažeikiai, they read names and shared stories about innocent people who had lived there and had been murdered.

Photo by Marijus LopaitisPhoto by Marijus Lopaitis Photo by Marijus Lopaitis Photo by Marijus Lopaitis Photo by Marijus Lopaitis Photo by Marijus Lopaitis Photo by Ingrida VilkienėPhoto by Marijus Lopaitis Photo by Ingrida Vilkienė