Let’s commemorate January 13 together in a global civic initiative, “Memory Is Alive Because It Testifies.”

Event date :2022.01.13
Event place :all across Lithuania
Coordinator:The International Commission for evaluation of the crimes of the Nazi and Soviet occupation regimes in Lithuania

We invite you to light candles of unity and remembrance all together in the windows all over
Lithuania on January 13, 2022. At 8.00 a.m. for ten minutes.

The International Commission for the Evaluation of the Crimes of the Nazi and Soviet Occupation
Regimes in Lithuania invites Lithuanian educational institutions, state establishments, organizations and all the people of goodwill to commemorate the civic victory against the aggressor thirty years ago and to join the civic initiative “Memory Is Alive Because It Testifies”.
The initiative’s symbol is a candle, which symbolizes life, light, justice, memory, and unity.

The civic initiative “Memory Is Alive Because It Testifies” commemorates the January of 1991, when Lithuanian citizens, empowered by the pursuit of unity and freedom, achieved a historic victory. The nation resisted the aggression of the Soviet occupiers and local collaborators and their attempt to exercise a takeover by the military, and defended the independence of the restored state.
In 2022, the civic initiative “Memory Is Alive Because It Testifies” will be held in Lithuania for the
fifteenth time. Every year the commemoration event takes on a new and special meaning.

Information before the event

Invitation to join the Civic Initiative on January 13 (formal)
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