Teacher education

Teachers’ training in Lithuania and abroad is implemented in three directions:

  • Training of the teachers-trainers
  • Training of administration of the secondary schools
  • Introductory seminars for other teachers

The goals of the seminars are to reveal, discuss and reflect on political and social reasons, consequences of violation of human rights and intolerance in the Nazi and Soviet occupations, dilemmas and moral choices. The lecturers are the most prominent researchers of the International Commission, professors of philosophy and political sciences, psychologists, sociologists, and educators.

The topics of the seminars are based on the structure and material of the researches of the Commission. They cover the main historical issues related with the Nazi regime and the Holocaust, the evaluation of the Soviet occupations, presenting the latest researches, educational and management topics. The teachers have theoretical lectures, practical activities and guided tours to the museums.

The special training programme has been developed for teachers-trainers. The seminars for them give deeper understanding about historical issues and educational sciences which they need preparing methodological package, and for management of the Tolerance Education Centers.

Facts and figures in the period of 2002-2017: 

  • Seminars abroad: (participants in Yad Vashem seminars – around 300 teachers, participants in Washington Holocaust Memorial Museum seminars – 5);
  • Number of participants of the seminars in Lithuania: more than 5000 teachers;
  • Nearly 500 teachers of the secondary schools are involved in educational activities about crimes against humanity.