Partners in Lithuania

Ministry of National Defence Republic of Lithuania

Ministry of Education, Science and Sport

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Lithuania

The Lithuanian Academy of Sciences

Genocide and Resistance Research Centre of Lithuania

Vilnius University Institute of International Relations and Political Science

Committee on Human Rights, Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania

Lithuanian higher education institutions

Educational Development Centre

The Commission has signed cooperation agreements with these public administrations, scientific and research institutions.

The Commission has undertaken to cooperate in collecting and sharing information on crimes against humanity with its partners; to keep its partners informed of its activities and to share information on ongoing investigations; to provide advice on issues related to the Commission’s activities and investigations; to organise seminars and debates on sensitive historical topics in the framework of the Commission’s investigations; and to publish the results of the work of the Commission and its partners in relation to the subject matter of the Commission’s research.

The Commission and its partners, through cooperation agreements, aim to:

to fill the gaps in Lithuanian history of the mid and latter half of the 20th century and to reveal historical truth and justice;
the crimes against humanity and humanity committed by the totalitarian occupation regimes in Lithuania are objectively assessed and highlighted, and the nature of those regimes and the dangers of their ideologies are convincingly revealed;
documents, studies or copies of documents relating to the crimes are returned to Lithuania;
educate and inform the public about the crimes committed during the Nazi and Soviet regimes and their consequences.