Tolerance Education Centers

Network of Tolerance Education Centers is the unique educational project in Lithuania. The creation of the network has started in 2003. The network consists of 131 Tolerance Educational Centers, which are in the secondary schools, NGOs, and museums in of Lithuania. The students, teachers and administration of schools are involved in the educational activities as teams.


  • The purpose of the Centers is to pay more attention to historical questions about the Nazi and Soviet occupation regimes;
  • Arranging formal and informal activities on Holocaust education, crimes against humanity for the schools’ and local communities.

Tolerance Education Centers arrange education activities for school and local communities in the following directions:

  • Organizing conferences, seminars, discussions on human rights and historical themes;
  • Commemorating the victims of the National Holocaust Remembrance Day (September 23), the International Day of Tolerance (November 16), the International Holocaust Remembrance Day (January 27), the victims of Soviet repressions on the National Day of Mourning and Hope (June 14), remembrance about Soviet deportations in 1948 (May 22), 1949 (March 25-28); visiting and looking after the cemetery and memorial places;
  • Participating and coordinating the national and international projects initiated by the Commission and other institutions.