A conference on the ongoing projects marking the International Holocaust Remembrance Day

On 28 January, a conference was held at Lizdeika Gymnasium in Radviliškis to observe the International Holocaust Remembrance Day and discuss the projects being implemented in schools on the subject of the Holocaust.


The conference started with the opening of a photo exhibition, “Jews then and now…” at the Lizdeika Gymnasium in Radviliškis. The exhibition consists of photographs of Šiauliai Jews in the interwar period and members of the Šiauliai Jewish community nowadays – in the 21st century. The exhibition was presented by Sania Kerbelis, Chairman of the Jewish Community of Šiauliai County. The students of Lizdeika Gymnasium in Radviliškis presented an artistic composition from their project “Life is Beautiful”. Another project implemented in the gymnasium on the history of local Jews, “Unveiling History”, was also presented to the audience. 

The conference participants and guests shared their experiences of the projects being implemented and the activities being organized related to the history of the local Jewish community and the Holocaust. Teachers and project leaders from Lizdeika Gymnasium in Radviliškis, Vaižgantas Pro-Gymnasium in Radviliškis, Gražina Primary School in Radviliškis, Marcelinas Šikšnis Gymnasium in Šiaulėnai, Radviliškis Culture Centre took part in this event. The conference was addressed by Justinas Pranys, Deputy Director of the Radviliškis Municipality Administration, Ingrida Vilkienė, Deputy Executive Director of the International Commission and Educational Programmes Coordinator, and representatives of the Jewish community of Šiauliai County. 

The conference in Radviliškis was organized by the Tolerance Education Centre of Lizdeika Gymnasium of Radviliškis, in cooperation with the Secretariat of the International Commission and the Jewish Community of Šiauliai County.


Photos from Radviliškis Lizdeikos gymnasium