A lecture focusing on the fates of women during the Holocaust

On May 27, lecturer Noa Sigal from Israel introduced an exhibition “Rays of the Light. Women during the Holocaust”.

The exhibition was presented to teachers and museum staff online by Noa Sigal (Israel). The exhibition prepared by the Yad Vashem institution reveals different stories of women during the Holocaust. The exhibition consists of texts, photos, and other information material. The exhibition on the Yad Vashem website is in several languages, ​​and it is prepared for teachers to print it out and use the material in classes.

Lecturer Noa Sigal introduced the exhibition‘s concept and discussed the stories of several women. The exhibition is designed not only to learn more about the Holocaust period but also to develop empathy and understanding – what people experienced during the totalitarian period and to look at history through the life stories of specific people. Participants from Lithuania appreciated that the exhibition is very suitable for use not only in history lessons but also in teaching various subjects. During the lecture, the teachers discussed the idea to have the texts of the exhibition translated into Lithuanian.

The presentation of the exhibition was attended by 25 teachers and educators. The event was organized by the Secretariat of the International Commission in cooperation with Yad Vashem, an international school for Holocaust studies.