A lecture for teachers – focusing on the works of Jewish artists at the beginning of the 20th century.

On March 29, Lithuanian teachers and museum employees participated in dr. Vilma Gradinskaitė’s lecture “Yiddish Avant-garde and Aspirations of Young Artists.”

Lecturer dr. Vilma Gradinskaitė introduced the listeners to the works of Lithuanian Jewish artists of the beginning of the 20th century: art, literature, and theater. In the lecture, dr. Vilma Gradinskaitė reviewed Jewish artists’ paintings, illustrations of books published in Yiddish, and theater posters. The lecturer analyzed the symbols used by the artists, such as e.g., the white goatling, the red cat, etc., in the artist El Lissitzky’s drawings. Vilma Gradinskaitė told about the gathering of young artists in “Jung Vilne “and their creative legacy.

Fifty attendees joined the lecture. The event was organized by the International Commission’s Secretariat and the International Yiddish Center of the World Jewish Congress in Vilnius