A virtual tour of the Yad Vashem History Museum (Jerusalem, Israel)

On March 22, a virtual presentation of the Yad Vashem Museum to Lithuanian teachers and museum staff was organized.

The virtual tour to visit the Yad Vashem History Museum was a remote organized event. 47 Lithuanian teachers and museum staff members had the opportunity to get acquainted with the Yad Vashem Museum’s expositions. The virtual tour featured exhibits on the Jewish life in Europe before World War II, the development of anti-Semitism, the rise of the Nazi party and Hitler, and the mass murder of Jews during World War II. The virtual tour in the History Museum was organized by Frederik Drachinsky, an employee of the Yad Vashem institution.

The Yad Vashem History Museum’s virtual presentation was organized remotely by the Secretariat of the International Commission and its long-term partner, Yad Vashem, the International School of Holocaust Studies.