A visit to Vilnius by Radviliškis TEC – getting to know the history of Ona Šimaitė

At the beginning of April, the Tolerance Education Centre of Radviliškis Vaižganto Progymnasium visited Vilnius to learn as much as possible about the Righteous Among the Nations – Ona Šimaitė.

The Tolerance and Tolerance Centre students, accompanied by their history teacher Aušra Krasuckienė, visited the Old Town of Vilnius, walking along the streets where the Nazis established a ghetto for Jews 80 years ago. The personality of  Ona Šimaitė, a librarian,  her life facts, and the stories of the rescue of people and books were presented to the students during their acquaintance with the history of the Vilnius Ghetto.

Ingrida Vilkienė, a coordinator of educational programs, met with the students of Radviliškis Progymnasium and drew their attention to certain signs in the Old Town of Vilnius, which commemorate the Jewish community that had lived in Vilnius and the Holocaust that had happened in Lithuania.

The students of Radviliškis Vaižganto Progymnasium visited Vilnius since they were participating in the project “Ona Šimaitė. Whoever saves one person saves the world”. The project is funded partially by the Olga Lengyel Institute (TOLI) in New York. The project involves a variety of activities (lessons, analysis of documents, sources, discussions, excursions, and presentation of the final project work). Some of the planned activities have already taken place and some are scheduled for September and October.