Agita Beržanskaitė, a pupil from a Tolerance Education Center, participates in on-line international trainings for young people

International trainings for young people started in April – to learn how to fight racial hatred in cyberspace (EYSCAR – EuropeanYouthandStudentsCombatingAntisemitismandRacism). On April 26 Agita Beržanskaitė, a pupil of the Tolerance Education Center of Ąžuolas gymnasium in Varėna, took part in the on-line training.

The part of the training that took place on April 26 was focused on a general review and discussion. Agita Beržanskaitė, a pupil of Ąžuolas gymnasium from Varėna, participates in these trainings and expands her horizons by taking on the topics of human rights violations and anti-Semitism.

The objective of this training is to talk to young people, who spend a lot of time online and on social platforms. More time online means more bullying and anti-Semitism on both, social platforms and the media. This training is an international means for young people to learn how to fight racial hatred in cyberspace. The Secretariat of the International Commission invites active young people from Tolerance Education Centers to participate in the training.

The EYSCAR Elite Digital Training to fight Antisemitism

The international training for young people is organized by the European Living March Organization (EMOTL) in cooperation with the Secretariat of the International Commission.