Anykščiai Antanas Baranauskas basic school has started to implement a project “Jewish Refugees and Their Rescuers”

In the spring of 2021, Anykščiai Antanas Baranauskas Basic School started to implement a project „Jewish refugees and Their Rescuers. “

Daiva Tručinskienė, a teacher of history, ethics, and citizenship, developed the idea of the project. The project “Jewish Refugees and Their Rescuers” is funded by the TOLI Institute (USA). The teacher invited 6th and 8th-graders to participate in the project. The first activities of the project are planned related to the acquaintance with the history and fate of the Jewish community from Anykščiai. During distance learning, only online activities with students are implemented. Later, an educational trip to the museum – house of the Japanese diplomat in Lithuania Chijune Sugihara in Kaunas is planned, also integrated lessons about the Holocaust, meetings with the authors of books about Jews.