Civic initiative “The living flower of the nation”

On the day of commemorating the restoration of the Independence of Lithuania on March 11, 1990, all educational institutions of Lithuania are invited to participate in the civic initiative “The living flower of the nation”.

The goals of this initiative are to commemorate one of the most important dates in the history of Lithuania in a massive, attractive and joyful manner and to encourage civic activities of the youth, to raise interest in the history of their country. Participants are invited to dress up in the colors of the Lithuanian national flag – red, green, yellow and to form a “living flower of the nation” among a group of friends, a class or the entire school/kindergarten. We motivate to take photos of the initiative and to send them by e-mail to the International Commission, which annually places the most unique and original photos on the website.

The civic initiative has been taking place since 2014;  it is initiated by the International Commission together with the authors of this idea from Kastytis Ramanauskas kindergarten in Panevezys.