Civic initiative “The Memory is Alive Because It Witnesses“

This year the civic initiative “The Memory Is Alive Because It Witnesses“ was joined by approximately 1300 institutions both in Lithuania and abroad. This was the 11th annual event meant to commemorate the Day of Freedom Fighters.

At 8 o’clock on January 12, the windows in institutions, community buildings, and people’s homes lit with candles symbolizing life, light, justice, remembrance, and unity to remind us about the struggle Lithuanians underwent to protect their restored independent state.

This year the initiative was actively joined by many embassies and Lithuanian communities abroad: Embassy to the Republic of Lithuania to the Republic of Finland, Sweden, Ireland, Belgium, Turkey, Romania, Switzerland, Russia and Spain, Lithuanian schools in different countries and Lithuanian communities from Norway, Sweden, Great Britain, the USA, Iceland, Ireland, Mexico and Argentina.

The civic initiative “The Memory Is Alive Because It Witnesses” was initiated by the Secretariat Of The International Commission For The Evaluation Of The Nazi And Soviet Occupation Regimes In Lithuania.

The photos of the event are in the photo gallery.