Commemoration of International Holocaust Remembrance Day in Lithuanian educational institutions

On 27 January, in Ariogala (Raseiniai district, central Lithuania), a traditional artistic conference “History Lessons Come From Life Stories” will take place.


The event will be attended by teachers and students from Lithuanian schools with Tolerance Education Centres. This year’s conference is dedicated to the stories of Jewish families and personalities in Lithuania, including the stories of Jewish rescuers. The students’ artistic presentations will take various forms: literary compositions, mini-plays, video sketches, drawing exhibitions, etc. About 200 participants from 15 Lithuanian schools will take part in the conference. During the event, agreements will be signed with two educational institutions to establish Tolerance Education Centres.

Participants and guests will join the World Jewish Congress initiative #We Remember.

The conference is organised by the International Commission on the Crimes of the Nazi and Soviet Occupation Regimes in cooperation with the Tolerance Education Centre of Ariogala Gymnasium.


Commemorations in other Lithuanian educational institutions:

From 23 to 27 January, Lithuanian schools with Tolerance Education Centres will organize film screenings, readings of literary works, and diary excerpts on the Holocaust as part of lessons on various educational subjects. More significant commemorative events involving several school communities and the local population are planned:

In Alytus (an event in the former synagogue), where the Holocaust play “The Pit” /Duobė in Lithuanian/ will be performed by schoolchildren;

In Pakruojis (in the Pakruojis synagogue), there will be a screening of a film about Abraham Sutzkever, a Holocaust survivor in Lithuania, and a musical evening “Ghetto Songs.”

In Šiauliai, commemorative events will be held at the sites of the former first and second ghettos and on the square dedicated to the Righteous Among the Nations.