Commemoration of the International Day for Tolerance in Lithuania

The 16th of November – the International Day for TOLERANCE was celebrated by 993 educational
institutions (schools and pre-school education institutions) in Lithuania.
The symbol of this year’s celebration is „A Puzzle of Tolerance”. The idea originated from the statement regarding tolerance by the President of the International Commission, Emanuelis Zingeris that “our society is as a puzzle made up of many pieces and we should be happy to be able to have a different opinion”.
Educational institutions were invited to discuss topics of tolerance, intolerance, to look for examples in history and in various everyday situations. Pupils created various installations, they drew posters, and children in pre-school institutions prepared drawings and made puzzles from them. Although it was much more difficult to organize Tolerance Day activities during the quarantine period, the initiative was supported by a large number of educational institutions – as many as 993.
November 16 is has been celebrated by many democratic states in the world since 1995, when it was declared the International Day for Tolerance by UNESCO. In Lithuania, the celebration of this day has been initiated by the International Commission for the Evaluation of the Crimes of the Nazi and Soviet Occupation Regimes in Lithuania since 2003. The celebration of the Tolerance Day is a part of the education program implemented by the International Commission.

The pieces of work created to celebrate the Tolerance Day are here and in the photo gallery.