Commemoration of the International Holocaust Remembrance Day at Jeronimas Ralis Gymnasium in Jonava

On the occasion of the International Holocaust Remembrance Day, during an ethics lesson, the students of Jeronimas Ralis Gymnasium learned about the life of the Jewish community of Jonava between the wars and the tragic fate of this community.



A museum specialist Giedrė Narbutaitė – Kontrimė told touching stories of Jewish families. The lesson took place in a non-traditional venue – a newly opened TOLERANCE CENTRE. The quarantine restrictions, the limitations, and the refugee crisis in Lithuania are causing a lot of social tensions. It is therefore no longer enough to keep silent about tolerance. The historical silence of the Lithuanians about the injustice during the Holocaust not only was but still is a painful question of the meaning of human existence. Today, the answers to this question are still unanswered…

The emergence of the Tolerance Centre in the school is a reflection of these uncomfortable questions. On 27 January, the World Jewish Congress, a public organization, invited people of goodwill to join the #WE REMEMBER initiative. Jeronimas Ralis Gymnasium students joined the initiative.