Events of Honouring the Remembrance Day of the Victims of Lithuanian Jewish Genocide and Conferences at Krakiai M.Katkus and Mazeikiai M. Rackauskas gymnasiums

September month marks a number of events held by Tolerance Development Centres in various parts of Lithuania to honour the massacres of local Jewish communities. There are more than 200 sights in Lithuania.

Shattered local Jewish communities were honoured in many events in various parts of Lithuania, the events were held by active teachers and museum educators in Birzai, Kėdainiai, Alytus, Garliava, Jieznas, Ariogala, Krakės, Merkinė, Varėna and many other towns.

There were national conferences held on local Jewish communities, their life before WWII and the Holocaust that rode local Jewish communities to death.