Getting to know the history of the Holocaust in the seminar for teachers – in the museum of Kaunas IXth Fort

On May 28th the museum of Kaunas IXth fort hosted an international seminar for Lithuanian teachers organized by the International Commission in cooperation with Yad Vashem – the International School of Holocaust Studies in Israel and the museum of Kaunas IXth Fort.

The seminar was attended by teachers, educators, who were implementing projects, after-school activities on the topic of the Holocaust. From these teachers, a group of Lithuanian representatives will be selected, who will take part in an international traineeship – seminar in the summer of 2018 at the Yad Vashem institution.

At the seminar, a lecturer from Israel Ms. Noa Sigal introduced the mission of Yad Vashem and activities in progress. The participants were introduced to the history of the IXth Fort and the museum’s exposition on the Holocaust. Teachers briefly presented their activities at the schools. The seminar had a part for watching and discussing the film about Irene Sendler, who rescued Jewish children in Poland.