Holocaust victims were commemorated in Akmenė and Mažeikiai

In October, a memorial stone was unveiled in Akmenė, on the site of the former synagogue. The
Tolerance Education Center’s representatives from of Mažeikiai “Gabijos“Gymnasium also took part in
the event.An event, held in October, was dedicated to honor the murdered Jews of Akmenė region. In 1941 the
Jews of Akmenė region were driven to Akmenė and kept in a ghetto, and later marched to Mažeikiai and
shot down. It is estimated that over 2,5 thousand Jews from Mažeikiai district fell into the ravines dug
by themselves at the sites of the massacre. 78 of them were Akmenė‘s residents, according to the data
of the JadVashem Center, they were residents of Akmenė, Vegeriai and Klykoliai.
The young riflemen of Mažeikiai “Gabijos“ Gymnasium honored the memory of the murdered people
and read the names of the perished. The event was to preserve the historical memory ; that people
would not be forgotten and that the society would be aware of their tragic fate.