International Holocaust Remembrance Day observed in Darbėnai Gymnasium

In commemoration of the International Holocaust Remembrance Day, a Memory lesson was held in Darbėnai Gymnasium.



It was a day of learning about the most painful chapters of history, about the most important lesson of the Holocaust – about the fact that each of us can choose to be human or not to be. During the Memory lesson, the students of IIIG class of Darbėnai Gymnasium discussed these topics in an online meeting with Dr. Christoph Dieckmann, a German historian and member of the International Commission for the Evaluation of the Crimes of the Nazi and the Soviet Occupation Regimes in Lithuania. 

The Memory lesson was organized by a teacher, Edita Gliožerienė, who also presented a speech by Auschwitz survivor Marian Turski on the 75th anniversary of Auschwitz, who said: “Auschwitz did not fall from the sky. Auschwitz was creeping, advancing in small steps, getting closer, until what happened happened”. 

The teacher who organized the lesson contacted Riva Portnaja, who comes from Darbėnai and works as a baker at the Beigel bakery in Vilnius. Riva Portnaja, a Jewish heritage educator, gave the pupils the opportunity to taste the confectionery she had made while introducing them to Jewish food. 

The participants of the Memory Lesson joined the Global Initiative #WeRemember.