Launch of the project “Traces of the Jewish Nation and Culture in Palanga and Lithuania” at Vladas Jurgutis progymnasium in Palanga

This spring, a project “Traces of the Jewish Nation and Culture in Palanga and Lithuania” started in Vladas Jurgutis progymnasium in Palanga. The Project is funded by the TOLI institute – Olga Lengyel Institute (USA).

The project’s objective is to introduce students to the Jewish legacy, history, and culture in Palanga and Lithuania. As the quarantine influences the education process, instead of scheduled excursions with the class, the students individually visited objects related to the Jewish history of Palanga. These activities were integrated into various teaching subjects: history, art, physical education, and geography. Using apps that count steps completed, students visited historical objects, photographed them, collected historical facts, systematized them, and prepared artistically designed works.

In total, 5-8 graders submitted over 60 different works under the project. The best works are published on the school’s website, and the results of two students were compiled into a book, which will be archived in the school museum.

After the first phase of the project, the teachers who organized the project surveyed the students regarding the project activities. Many of the students who took part in the survey replied that such activities were necessary; they learned many new things about their hometown and deepened their knowledge.

Information was prepared by Daiva Latožienė, TEC coordinator of Vladas Jurgutis progymnasium in Palanga.