“Life is a Theater” – the premiere performance of the pupils from “Akademijos“ Gymnasium

On October 9, the premiere performance “Life is a Theater” took place at “Akademijos“ Gymnasium
(Kėdainiai district).
The current twelfth graders, members of the Tolerance education centre at “Akademijos“ Gymnasium in
Kėdainiai district, are participating in the project of the Olga Lengyel (TOLI) Institute. The pupils staged
the play “Life is a Theater” based on a dramatic piece of work created by their classmate Evelina
Dumskytė. The theme of the work is the experiences and hopes of a Jewish family during World War II.
The performance highlights that the Jewish family, who lived in Kaunas before World War II is happy,
having trust in people, sharing goodness and helping others. The spiritual strength of the characters
makes it possible to evaluate the atrocities of the Second World War, because life is a theater and a
person does not know what role will be given. On October 9, the performance was shown to the
gymnasium community and guests.