Lithuanian teachers‘ introduction to a writer who wrote in Yiddish

On 18 June teachers from Tolerance education centers took part in a lecture on Isaac Bashevis Singer, a writer who wrote in Yiddish.

The lecture for Lithuanian teachers was given online by a lecturer dr. Mordechai Yushkovsky (Israel). The lecturer presented a story of  life and work of the writer Isaac Bashevis Singer. According to the lecturer Yushkovsky, among more than 100 writers who wrote in Yiddish, Isaac Bashevis Singer was the only one to receive the Nobel Prize. The lecturer introduced the writer’s personality to the teachers and told that it was this particular writer, who in the middle of the XXth century began to analyze topics in his works that were “uncomfortable” for part of the societyc and which were not acceptable to speak openly on in public.

The lecture was attended by a large group of teachers and educators from Tolerance Education Centers. The event was organized by the Secretariat of the International Commission together with the International Yiddish center of the World Jewish congress.