Meeting with a descendant of Holocaust survivors at Kaunas Jonas Jablonskis Gymnasium

A meeting with Ya’arit Glezer, a visitor from Israel, was held at Jonas Jablonskis Gymnasium in Kaunas on February 7.

On February 7, honourable guests from Israel visited Kaunas Jonas Jablonskis Gymnasium. Thanks to the International Commission for Historical Justice and the Embassy of Israel in Lithuania, the students of our gymnasium had the opportunity to meet Yaarit Glezer, a descendant of Holocaust survivors from Kaunas, who has been living in Israel for five decades and speaks excellent Lithuanian. She told the story of her father, a former prisoner of the Nazi prison in Fort IX in Kaunas, who miraculously escaped from there and survived the horrors of the Kaunas ghetto. The story was compelling and interesting, as it was a personal experience of Yaarit and her family, enriched with insights into today’s realities.

The guest was welcomed to the Gymnasium by Mr. Erez Golan, First Secretary of the Embassy of Israel, who shared his insights on why learning about one’s history with the 9th and 10th graders is important. We thank the guests for giving their time to the gymnasium – the only one in Kaunas – and for allowing them to hear natural, living history.

A lively historical narrative and an introduction to the museum’s renewed exhibition.