On 24 May in a unique place of Kalvarija – near the summer and winter synagogues – a closing event took place: readings of Icchokas Meras‘ A stalemate lasts but a moment .

Three Saturdays of  May were dedicated to readings as well as to the songs in Hebrew performed by a choir Sonantem.  The closing event of the readings on 24 May, was attended by the community of Kalvarija and the last Jew in Kalvarija Moišė Segalis. The participants of the event had a chance to be introduced to a great visualization – stand on the theme „The influence of Kalvarija Laisvės (Prekybos) street Jews on the development of the town in  1920s-1930s“, created by a high-school graduate of Kalvarija gymnasium.

The event was organized by the association „Skambėjimas“ together with the Tolerance education center of Kalvarija gymnasium.