Project “History of the Jews of Lithuania” has been implemented

In 2020, a project “History of the Jews of Lithuania” was implemented at” Stanislovo Rapolionio”
Gymnasium in Eišiškės.
The year of 2020 has been declared the year of the Jewish culture in Lithuania. Already at the beginning of the year, an integrated project “History of the Jews of Lithuania” was prepared at “Stanislovo Rapolionio” Gymnasium in Eišiškės. Various activities were organized. The pupils learned a lot about life in the shtetls, they got acquainted with the main Jewish religious holidays and their traditions. They interpreted Jewish signs and symbols in the drawings. The pupils tried to convey the horrors of the Holocaust by using the collage technique. On September 30, a group of pupils went to Vilnius to see by themselves the streets of the former Vilnius ghetto, which Yitskhok Rudashevski described in his diary. The pupils visited a hiding place in the Jewish Culture and Information Center – the malina. Many were impressed by how many circumstances had to be foreseen in order to set up a safe hiding place, under what conditions people were forced to live. The gymnasium pupils visited the Tolerance Center of the Vilna Gaon Jewish Museum and saw the paintings of Samuel Bak. The school community ended its visit to Vilnius with a tribute to the Holocaust victims at the Paneriai memorial.