Pupils’ exhibition on the old Jewish houses was opened in Kėdainiai “Ryto” progymnasium

On October 20 the exhibition “Memories of the Old Jewish Houses” was opened in Kėdainiai “Ryto”
This year is the year of the Jewish Gaon and the Jewish History. Therefore, the wish to learn about the Jewish community in Kėdainiai led to the development of the project. Pupils learnt about the Jewish history and religion during integrated history and art lessons. Later, pupils visited Kėdainiai Multicultural Center and participated in educational activities, where they learnt about Jewish traditions, customs, businesses and the tragic fate of the Jews. Pupils took part in an excursion to the old town of Kėdainiai. Then, the pupils used this information they heard, saw and read for the creation of their drawings. The pupils created 120 art works, and 30 are exhibited in the exhibition opened to the school community. The exhibition is also accessible in the virtual space – on the school’s website. This exhibition is the final part of the project “Memories of the Old Jewish Houses”. The project was implemented in 2020 at Kėdainiai “Ryto” progymnasium with funding from TOLI organization (the USA).