Pupils from TEC commemorated the Day of Mourning and Hope

This year, part of the educational institutions which joined “The Kite of Hope” initiative commemorated the Day of Mourning and Hope remotely, but this did not prevent from going deeper into the topic and marking the memorable date creatively.

The pupils from Kaunas “Vyturys” gymnasium not only created “Kites of Hope”, not only searched for exile stories, but also engaged their family members. One fifth-grader not only wrote down the memories of her grandparents, created a kite, but also invited them to run it together.

The pupils from Visaginas “Žiburys“ basic school presented their kites during a video conference – on one side of the kite the pupils had to draw a dream of an exiled person, and on the other side of the kite they had to present brief biographical facts about the exile of famous people, their thoughts about Lithuania.