Remembering the local Jewish community and the rescuers of Jews in the region of Pakruojis

On 27 September, an event was held at the synagogue in Pakruojis to pay tribute the local Jewish community and the people who rescued Jews.


The event in the synagogue of Pakruojis was dedicated to remembering the Jewish community that had lived in the region and the great men and women of the region who saved Jews despite the deadly dangers. The exhibition “A Rescued Jewish Child Tells About the Shoah” from the Vilnius Gaon Museum of Jewish History was brought to the Pakruojis Synagogue. Ingrida Vilkienė, Coordinator of Education Programmes of the International Commission for the Evaluation of the Crimes by the Nazi and Soviet Occupation Regimes in Lithuania, talked about the Holocaust in Pakruojis, based on the book “The Holocaust in the Province of Lithuania in 1941” (by Arūnas Bubnys) and published by the International Commission in 2021. Librarian Gitana Masienė presented information about the rescuers of Jews of the Pakruojis region – the Righteous Among the Nations. Saulius Margis, the Mayor of Pakruojis Municipality, who was present at the event, told the guests and participants about the organized activities and plans to commemorate historical memory.

The event ended with the signing of a cooperation agreement between the Secretariat of the International Commission and the Juozas Paukštelis Public Library of Pakruojis Municipality.

The event, which took place in the Pakruojis Synagogue, was dedicated to commemorating the Day of Remembrance of the Victims of the Genocide of Lithuanian Jews. The event was attended by Sania Kerbelis, Chairman of the Jewish Community of Šiauliai County, members of the community, teachers, and students from Pakruojis schools, and representatives of the town community.