The national artistic conference “The silence, wandering on the street”

Event date :2020.01.27
Event place :The cultural center of Ariogala, Gedmino str. 11, Ariogala, Raseiniai dstr.
Coordinator:International Commission for the evaluation of the crimes of the Nazi and Soviet occupation regimes in Lithuania; Tolerance education center of Ariogala gymnasium

The event is dedicated to remember the stories of the Jews living in Lithuania before World War II, to commemorate the victims of the Holocaust on the occasion of the International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

At the event pupils from all over Lithuania will present stories of the Jews, having resided in Lithuania before World War II, will show musical and literary compositions and share the memories of eye-witnesses.

During the conference, pupils will present stories about the people having lived in Lithuanian settlements and towns. Conference attendees, planning to participate are suggested to review historical sources, witness stories, literary works, and museum exhibits. Presentations at the conference “The silence, wandering on the street“ will be given in various forms: role-plays, literary-artistic, musical compositions; presentations of video clips, drawings, posters, etc.

You are kindly requested to inform the organizers by the 22nd of January.
Tel: 8 706 63818, 8 706 63 804 e-mail:

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