Seminar “Losses in History and Historical Awareness“

On March 8-9th, at Kedainiai Multicultural Centre was a seminar “Losses in History and Historical Awareness“ for teachers and educators.

During a two days seminar teachers and Museums‘ specialists were included into lectures on Yiddish development in Lithuania, famous Litvaks who wrote in Yiddish as well as their faith during the Holocaust. The lecture was given by Mordechay Yushkovsky. A member of the International Commission Arūnas Bubnys  read a lecture on the Holocaust in Lithuania. The executive director of the International Commission Ronaldas Račinskas opened an intense debate with participants on historical memory, significance of educational projects and their status  in schools‘ communities. Teachers also had a chance to get acquainted with multinational heritage of Kedainiai during their excursion in the old town. The seminar was organized by the Secretariat of the International Commission with partners: The Regional Museum of Kedainiai and World Jewish Congress International Jiddish Culture Centre  in Vilnius.