Seminar “The Historical Past and Challenges in the Educational System“

The seminar for teachers, schools’ headmasters, Museums’ specialists took place in Kedainiai on April 6th.

On the first day of the seminar, it was discussed about the current educational system its challenges that impact on teachers, headmasters, university lecturers. Lecturer Mordechay Yushkovsky from Israel told about old traditions of European Jews in the Yiddish language as well as their creative works in Yiddish during the Holocaust. On the first day, participants were acquainted with Klezmer music; “Klezmer klangen” band was invited to perform the tunes by composers who worked in Eastern Europe.

On the second day, the coordinator of educational programmes Ingrida Vilkienė presented the Qualitative Research on Tolerance Develoment Centres carried out in 2016. There was a wide ranging discussion on the status of Tolerance Development Centres in Lithuanian educational system as well as about future plans and guidelines.

There were 72 participants altogether: teachers, headmasters, university lecturers, museum specialists cooperating with schools.

The seminar was organized by the Secretariat of the International Commission with partners: The Regional Museum of Kedainiai, Multicultural Centre and World Jewish Congress International Yiddish Culture Centre  in Vilnius.