Teachers explore historical sites in the North of Lithuania

On 18-19 July, a group of Lithuanian teachers and museum staff participated in the seminar “Getting to Know the historical sites and cultural heritage of Northern Lithuania.”


On the first day of the seminar, the group visited Baisiogala, which has a Tolerance Education Centre in its cultural center. The following site was Pakruojis: the educators learned about the town’s history, visited the Pakruojis Firemen’s Shelter Museum, and learned about the unique symbols used to decorate synagogues in the Pakruojis wooden synagogue. Later, the seminar participants visited Linkuva, where they paid tribute to the victims of the Holocaust at the site of the massacre. The last site of the day was Šeduva, where the old Jewish cemetery and the monument to all the Jews of Šeduva by Romas Kvintas, located in the center of the town, were visited.

The second day of the seminar was spent in Skaudvilė, where the participants learned about the history of the Jews of Skaudvilė and the sites commemorating the crimes against humanity of the Soviet occupation.

The two-day seminar on learning history was attended by teachers and museum staff from the Tolerance Education Centres.