Teachers listened to the lecture by dr. Arvydas Anušauskas

On 8 June, teachers from Tolerance Education Centers, functioning in Lithuania, listened to the lecture by Chairman of the Subcommittee of the International Commission for investigation on crimes of the Soviet occupation regimes dr. Arvydas Anušauskas.

Chairman of the Subcommittee on investigation of crimes of the Soviet occupation regimes of the International Commission dr. Arvydas Anušauskas gave a lecture to teachers on “Citizens of the occupied state: terror, dehumanization and marginalization?”. The lecture was held online and was attended by teachers from all across Lithuania. During the lecture Arvydas Anušauskas touched upon topics on the collaborators of the Soviet government, the destiny of former deportees and camp prisoners as well as the return of these people to Soviet Lithuania and the humiliation and discrimination they had experienced. The lecture was given as the Day of Mourning and Hope was approaching and in memory of the occupation of Lithuania in  15 June 1940.

The online lecture was organized by the Secretariat of the International Commission.