The Exile of 1949s was marked in Vilnius

On March 29th, there  was a commemoration of a tragic event – the deportation campaign “Roaring Waves“. The event took place in Vilnius in Aukų street. This exile is known for its exorbitant numbers: thirty two thousand  people from Lithuania and one hundred thousand people from all Baltic countries were deported during this deportation.

The gathered former political prisoners, deportees, Members of Parliament of the Republic of Lithuania gave speeches on history, memory and current issues. Ronaldas Racinskas, the Executive director of the Secretariat of the International Commission shared his impressions on the song festival in Varena, he also expressed his joy that there were active teachers cherishing history, sparking students to participate in projects promoting citizenship.

The event was organised by Lithuanian Union of Political Prisonersand Deportees Vilnius department together with
partners: the Secretariat of the International Commission, The Genocide and Resistance Research Centre of Lithuania.