The lecture on the writer Sholem Aleichem was attended by a large group of teachers from Tolerance Education Centers

On April 23 an on-line lecture was given on “Laughter through tears – the niceties of Sholem Aleichem’s works”.

The lecture for Lithuanian teachers was given on-line. Lecturer Mordechai Yushkovsky introduced the personality of Sholem Aleichem, analyzed and explained by using picturesque examples of what had shaped the writer’s world outlook and how personal experiences and attitudes towards the surrounding world were reflected in the writer’s creative work. The lecturer described Sholem Aleichem as a man with prophetic qualities, for he had mentioned in many of his texts that about half a hundred years would pass and the Jews would have their own state. According to the lecturer Mordechai Yushkovsky, this is what had exactly happened in 1948.

The lecture was attended by a large number of teachers from schools with Tolerance Education Centers. The remote lecture was organized by the Secretariat of the International Commission together with the International Yiddish Center of the World Jewish Congress.