The Remembrance March in Kalvarija

Marking the day of the victims of Lithuanian Jewish genocide took place in Lithuania, yet one example of civic initiative “The Remembrance Road“ is Tolerance Develpment Cenre in Kalvarija gymnasium.

Teachers of this tolerance development centre gathered together about 80 participants from neighbouring schools in Jungenai, Sangruda, Marijampole youth school, children and youth club “Arka“ and child‘s day centre “Ziniukas“ as well as representatives of administrative board at Kalvarija municipality.

The started at a synagogues complex and Talmud school. The history of local Jews community, Both names and surnames of former residents were remembered as well as historic posters and photographs were presented there. Participants of this Remembrance March visited the old Jewish cemetery, left memory and legacy pebbles. After having walked  five kilometres, participants of Memory Road reached the killing sight next to Orija lake. Live marching to honour the victims, was escorted by Kalvarija police officers who ensured the safety.