“The Road of Memory“ in Girkalnis (Raseiniai dstr.)

On August 20th, an event the “Road of Memory” took place in Girkalnis (Raseiniai district) to commemorate murdered Jews of Girkalnis and the neighbouring townships.

The procession of the “Road of Memory“  started from the square near Girkalnis eldership premises, and the participants of the commemoration event marched several kilometers to the site of the Holocaust victims. A commemoration event took place in the forest near Girkalnis, on the site of the mass murder of Jews.

Honorable guests – Vytautas Bulotas, Director of Girkalnis Basic school, Audrius Bautronis, Mayor of the Municipality of Raseiniai district, Coordinator of Educational Programs of the International Commission Ingrida Vilkienė – delivered speeches at the event. Leader of the Kaunas Jewish religious community Mauša Bairakas shared his thoughts on the Holocaust tragedy, which affected the family and the entire kin.

The event was attended by the staff of Raseiniai district municipality, members of Kaunas religious Jewish community, representatives from Raseiniai Regional Museum and Public Institution “Discover Raseiniai”, teachers of Ariogala gymnasium and Girkalnis basic school with students, representatives of Girkalnis eldership.

Photos from the commemoration event:

            Photos by: Greta Čėsnaitė