The Seminar on the Holocaust was in Kaunas the Ninth Fort Museum

The seminar „Holocaust in Formal and Non Formal Education“ took place in Kaunas the Ninth Fort Museum on April 24th. Noa Sigal – lecturer and coordinator of educational programmes in Yad Vashem international school for the Holocaust studies presented Yad Vashem institution, its history of opening, mission in teaching the Holocaust. There was an  excursion aimed at familiarising with the display at the Ninth Fort on the Holocaust period in Kaunas, Lithuania. The seminar also involved a didactic workshop for participants who worked in groups, discussed in order to prepare posters using visuals from Washington Holocaust Museum. There were 30 participants. The part of these educators will participate in the international seminar in Yad Vashem, Israel in  summer of 2017.

The seminar was organized by the Secretariat of the International Commission together with Yad Vashem institution and Kaunas the  Ninth Fort Museum.