The Summer School in Tallinn, Estonia

On August 1st – 6th, 2021The Summer School for history students took place in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia.

The Estonian Institute of Historical Memory in cooperation with the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany for the second year invited to take place all those interested in history to participate in a Summer School in Tallinn, Estonia. One Summer School was aimed to teachers and another one – to the history students. In the Summer School 40 students from 8 different countries participated. 5 students from Lithuania participated, one of them is a student of the Faculty of History of Vilnius University and an employee of the International Commission. This year The Summer School programmes focused on the history of crimes against humanity and human rights violations during and after the Second World War, which organizers introduced from the perspective of Estonia’s experience. Together, they visited memorial sites and museums, listened to interesting lectures in a relaxed atmosphere, watched films on the topic, and discussed the importance of learning and teaching history. They also exchanged experiences and ideas of how to study and teach sensitive historical topics in an environment where ideological values may clash.

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