The Tolerance Education Center at Sasnava School celebrated the International Tolerance Day

On the 16th of November, to mark the International Tolerance Day, an event was held at the Tolerance Education Center in Sasnava Basic school.


At the beginning of the event, Stefanija Navickienė, a teacher of the Lithuanian language and literature and coordinator of the school’s Tolerance Education Center reminded the students what do we meant by „tolerance“, what was its definition. The members of the school’s Tolerance Education Center presented a collage created during a creative workshop. Analyzing brutal consequences of intolerance, hostility to someone different, and referring to the XXth century‘s historical events related to intolerance to another nation, the students talked about the tragedy that befell the Jews of Marijampolė, when on the fateful morning of the 1st of September, 1941, many Jews who had lived there and contributed to the town‘s development ended in the pits excavated on the valley at Šešupė (at the end of Varpo St.). Maušis Segalis, who was three years old at that time and now lived in Kalvarija, managed to escape this tragic fate. In the collage, the students singled out the most famous places in Marijampolė and mentioned several Jewish people related to the town of Marijampolė before WWII and the beginning of the Holocaust.