tudents were introduced to the 1949 mass deportation operation “Priboi” from Lithuania.

At the end of March, Lithuanian educational institutions focused on the topic of deportations – operation “Priboi “/”Coastal Surf “in 1949.

The Secretariat of the International Commission invited the teachers of the Tolerance Education Centers to acquaint the students with the repressions/deportations carried out by the Soviet occupation authorities against the inhabitants of the occupied countries. According to the studies conducted by the chairman of the International Commission’s subcommittee on the investigation of the Crimes of the Soviet Occupation Regime, historian Dr. Arvydas Anušauskas, the operation “Priboi” (“Coastal Surf”) organized by the Soviet government took place in Lithuania on March 25-28, 1949. At the same time, deportations started in Latvia and Estonia. The number of people deported from Lithuania is about 32,000.

The teachers of the Tolerance Education Centers organized various activities to introduce the topic of deportation to their students – introducing them to the tragic stories of people and their destinies. While the educational process was online, reviews and discussions on documentaries, interviews with former deportees were organized. Virtual meetings with the participants of the Mission Siberia project, maps of deportation sites were created and other activities.