The project “Red Year” (2011)

About project

This website has been created to share general and specific information about the project “Red Year.” Project title depicts the first Soviet occupation and sovietisation that followed.

Project participants: teachers and educators who are interested in the topic and seek to find out from foreign colleagues about the impact of Soviet occupation in the other Baltic countries and further their development. Education specialists from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Sweden were involved in the project.

The project was implemented in 2011 in Lithuania. The project was implemented in the framework of the Europe for Citizens programme action 4: Active European remembrance.

Two international seminars in Kaunas and Ukmergė, Lithuania were the milestones of the project.
The methods and activities:
• Historical presentations on the time period of the first Soviet occupation;
• Historical source (documents, photos) analysis;
• Video review;
• Visits to museums related to the topic
• Discussions about the exhibits;
• Group work with the resources;
• Documentary films;
• Encounters with the historical witnesses, who suffered the Soviet occupation regime;
• Hike with interactive tasks on the sites of resistance movement.

All the project activities are presented in this website.