Methodical material of the project “Red Year”





Methodical material:

The methodological activity using historical documents.

The workshop participants were divided into 3 working groups and given some historical documents related to the Soviet occupation of Baltic States.

Group 1 was given the note to the Great Britain Government which was delivered by the Lithuanian envoy in Great Britain B. K. Balutis.
Group 2 was given the CIA report on living conditions in the Baltic region in 1953.
Group 3 was given the CIA report on the partisan warfare in Estonia in 1951.

The task for all groups:
o Familiarize with the content of the document;
o to debate within a group such points:
1. What is the main idea of the document?
2. What information provided in the document might be used by any teacher for educational purposes?
3. What additional information could be includes into this document?

o The documents were used for the group presentations which were given after thorough analysis of the documents.